Perfect Common Sense Tips and a Step-By-Step Guide To Weight Loss Success

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Like many Americans, I’ve been on a diet or planning a diet for most of my adult life. The books and products I’ve purchased over the years have probably cost me thousands of dollars and I have little to show for my investment after everything is said and done. Still, I like to check out low-priced and free dieting books with my Kindle, in order to see if I can find a nugget of information somewhere out there among the endless number of books on weight loss. With Weight Loss Secrets by Lisa Gottlieb, I believe that I’ve found a gem.

At some point after dozens of failed diets, even the most resolute of dieters begins to feel discouraged. After a few more, you even get tired of being lied to by the representatives of this billion dollar industry who are mostly out to exploit vulnerable people for their money. The liars that anger me the most are those that say you can eat excessive amounts of one food group, such as meat or carbohydrates, and still lose weight. On some level, I believe all rational people know that this is a lie but it is just too tempting of an idea for us to pass up, particularly when it is packaged well in a book with other more reasonable ideas.

The reason why Weight Loss Secrets is a different weight loss book compared to many of the other ones I’ve read is that it is both practical and realistic. The author begins with the correct assumption that in order to lose weight, we must consume less calories than our bodies burn each day. And the only way to accomplish this is to either eat less than what we’re accustomed to eating each day or to increase our activity in order to produce a caloric deficit. Those are cold hard facts, whether the dieter chooses to believe them or not. Fortunately, Lisa Gottlieb offers up dozens of suggestions on how to make such a diet more manageable, including creative ideas such as planning for cheating ahead of time, making exercise more convenient, and keeping a success journal.

The ideas contained within the book, when utilized during a diet, help for anyone to more easily adapt to a new dieting routine and sustain a program of diet and exercise longer, thus losing more weight in the process. As Gottlieb points out, nobody is perfect and cheating inevitably happens at some point during the diet, whether it is just in the matter of days or weeks from the beginning. The important part is to anticipate such problems ahead of time and even allocate calories for it, in order to assuage your guilt. If you’re like me,then you’ve probably quit diets before due to breaking over once and feeling too guilty to get back on the plan immediately. As we learn from the book, this is a self-defeating and destructive cycle that dieters often go through that can easily be broken by realizing that everyone indulges from time-to-time regardless of their willpower.

Since following the advice contained within Weight Loss Secrets, I’ve lost five pounds. More importantly, I feel better and have more energy. I also have more confidence in myself and believe that I can now more easily manage my dietary intake in order to lose weight slowly over the long run. If you’re tired of the hype of mainstream dieting books and products, give this amazing book a try. I recommend it to all who are fed up with being lied to and want to learn how to more easily manage their own diet in order to create a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

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