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Awesome Paleo Diet Cook book and bonusesHow about recommending the Paleo Recipe Book to your readers or clients and making a 75% commission on every sale?


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You will earn a 75% commision on the sale of the Awesome Paleo Diet just by recommending it on your blog or newsletter. There are no fees on your part. It’s an easy product to recommend because of its very high quality, wealth of information and great price. People love the cookbook so it sells itself!

Awesome Paleo Diet Total bundle

Another great product, Weight Loss Fast & Forever, is offered to customers of the Cookbook as an “Upsell”. You will earn an aditional 75% off the sale of that guide. No extra work needed on your part!

Awesome Paleo Diet partners with Clickbank for payment processing and affiliate management. Your readers that end up buying the cookbook will earn you a 75% of the money made from that sale.

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Please contact us here if you run a very popular website and would like to receive a copy of the cookbook to evaluate and review.

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Please understand that we allow the use of our promotional banners and illustrations, but those should not be modified or altered in any way. Permission should also be asked before using any other material from us.

Commenting on blogs, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest posts or any other social media outlet will not be tolerated. Such practice is considered spam and any affiliate caught engaging in such practice will be banned immediately.

Please also be mindful not to make any false claims about the product or its pricing. Announcing that the Cookbook is on sale when it’s not, for example, will not be tolerated. Trying to look like the promotion is from Awesome Paleo Diet is also a practice that will not be tolerated.

We also ask that promotions respect other people’s trademarks and copyrighted material and that they do not use anything that’s been copied from somebody else to promote the cookbook.

We reserve the right to revoke any affiliate from promoting the cookbook, for any reason we deem reasonable.

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Again, thank you for joining the “Awesome Paleo Diet” affiliate program. You can be confident that you are promoting the highest converting paleo product that will make you the most amount of money possible. And since we are constantly split testing, you will continually see better conversion rates and more money!

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